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RWoods for Jonnu - WHIR++


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Should I trade Robert Woods for Jonnu Smith? Standard league, 12 team, 80 yard receiving bonus, 2 WR, 2 RB 2 flex league.

My WRs:

Allen Robinson

Calvin Ridley

<Robert Woods>

Henry Ruggs

My TE: 

Hayden Hurst


(I'm loaded at RB for depth)


My thoughts are that Woods is a flex player for me if Ridley and Robinson (low/mid end WR1s?) stay healthy. Finding capable weekly fill-in/flex at WR is way easier than TE. Especially with the bonus, Jonnu has just as much weekly upside as Woods does, and is a superior upgrade to Hurst based on what we've seen thus far. I love Hurst, but it's just not happening well so far.


What do you all think? WHIR with reasoned thoughts!!!

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Hmm, that's tough. Love Jonnu going forward, top 5 option, and agree (as an owner like you) Hurst isn't paying off.  As long as you're really comfortable with your RB depth, that you can start 2RBs at FLEX each week, I guess you could consider it -- but honestly, it would make me nervous.  Ruggs hasn't had more than 3 catches in any of the 3 games he's played this injury-ridden season.  Last weeks big play was great (and Carr looked lights out) -- but you're one injury (or bye week) from being VERY thin at WR. Don't know if you can add some viable depth off the WW.  If you're behind in the league and need to make some moves to improve your chances I'd be more inclined.  If you're in a decent place in standings, honestly i'd stand pat. 

Thanks for help! 


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Thanks, @zert2


It's not great, but I can easily get a WR if I want to trade someone of my RBs (Mixon, CEH, DJ, Mattison, LMurray, JJackson, DHarris, ZMoss) and I won't NEED to have a WR until week 10 if Robinson and Ridley stay healthy. Honestly, guys, I think I'm going to do this. Jonnu is going to stay the #2 target in Tennessee and it's very clear that he's a producer to me. Hurst is still too unknown and seems like a weekly liability. and I really like him :(

I'm trying to trade Woods + RB for Jonnu and Diontae, but no luck. The other guy has a few trashy WRs who belong on this waiver list and Greg Olsen, so it's slim pickins.

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I'd do it and then drop Hurst for T. Patrick as WR depth.

Jonnu had his Bye, so barring any injury, he won't need to worry about adding another TE. 


Edit: You have a lot of RB depth, so you can drop on of them instead of Hurst. Harris, Moss, maybe. 

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