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Trade Conner/Moore for J Taylor? (WHIR)

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Been looking to move James Conner due to a few factors, primarily his injury concern and me wanting Claypool to become an every week start (especially w/ Johnson out) without having to start two players from same team. Reached out to the JT owner and he offered Jonathan Taylor for Conner and DJ Moore. Considering it based on Taylor's upside and Moore's lack of production. Thoughts? (Team in signature)

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1 hour ago, HeHateMe23 said:

Conner and Moore is too much


This.  That's too much to give up for Taylor.  He does have a great schedule moving forward but the Colts don't seem to want to give him 20 carries for whatever reason.  He also doesn't catch many passes out of the backfield.

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I’m going to continue the echo chamber and say my first reaction was “too much”. I’d have to have more for Conner and Moore than Taylor. And if I had to choose between your two Steelers because I didn’t want to start two Steelers, I’d choose Conner on a weekly basis. Don’t chase points with Claypool. He’s going to be a stud, but when Diontae is healthy, Claypool is going to have some dud games this year, too. Jmho. 

Thoughts on mine? 


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