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10-19-20 Cardinals @ Cowboys Game Day Thread

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1 minute ago, ajs723 said:

Drafting Drake over Aaron Jones is and was inexcusable. Shame on you. 

People really need to stop disrespecting Aaron Jones. Dude is awesome. Everyone acting like AJ Dillon was gonna steal his job after the season he had just had 😆 

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4 minutes ago, JediMasters said:

What is Mike McCarthy thinking?  You're down 25 and you try to kick a 58 yard FG?

What was the down and distance? I wasn't paying attention

There's still plenty of time left, they need any momentum they can get at this point 

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1 minute ago, kdpat15 said:

D hop is getting no love from Kyler....wonder if he slept with Murray's mom too

Gotta wonder honestly..... he’s purposely giving him **** throws that’s for sure .  Murray is a weasle, looks like one too honestly  

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