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10-19-20 Cardinals @ Cowboys Game Day Thread

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1 minute ago, ohio#1eaglesfan said:

WTF! I just lost by 2 to Drake! WTH are they doing playing their starters still!

well the cowgirls were calling timeouts as if this was still a winnable game. I guess the Cards had to put them in their place one last time. 



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3 minutes ago, activeobserver said:

Made this dude Drake look spectacular lmao, smh. 


the rotted out husk of the Freemason hung 87 total yds and a TD up on them last week. 

Nolan will be fired forthwith - someone's gotta fall on this sword. 

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Andy Dalton at 4.9 yards per attempt in this game...lol. It doesn't get worse then that. They can't run the offense like that again and expect to win a game. The defense is too bad. Even if he throws 5 interceptions, you gotta at least push it down the field some.

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1 minute ago, kp96 said:

OMG someone in my league just lost on that last Drake TD.  Was up 10 points.  Worst loss I've ever seen.

Worst I've seen was the Monday nighter between KC and the Rams a couple years ago.  The one that was 54-51.

Was tied going on KC's final possession with less than a minute left. Neither team had any Chiefs. But one team did have Goff.

So gonna end in a tie, except Mahomes throws a pick and there's like 5 seconds left.  So Goff comes out and takes a knee...

-0.1 points, and that was the final margin

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