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Trade help: Mahomes for Cam/Henry. WHIR 100%

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Gonna lose this week and my record will be 3-3. My team doesn't have enough firepower I feel, but trades are hard to pull off in my league. I was offered Cam and Henry for my Mahomes.  My league is non-ppr, double flex. While this would be a pretty big downgrade at QB it would really strengthen me at RB. Rest of my team is:

RB - Carson, Hunt, Hyde, McKissic, Gore, Coleman

WR - Cooper, Diggs, Williams, Edelman, Shenault, Hardman

TE - Ertz, Ebron - so a pair of bums basically.

Should I consider doing this trade?  

WHIR guaranteed as always, just leave a link. Thx.

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Really tough call. If I were in your shoes I think I would do that. Then I'd maybe try to flip Hunt for a wide receiver like Golladay or Metcalf if you wanted to strengthen that position


Thanks for the help on mine

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Cam gets almost all of NE's red zone carries and on a day where he threw for 175 and 2 INTs still had 19 fantasy points. AND YOU'RE GETTING DERRICK HENRY IN STANDARD for a QB. This is an absolute heist on your end, and I hope you accept it before the guy who proposed it comes to his senses

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