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Should I Do This Trade - 100% WHIR

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10 team, non-ppr league.  I have Lamar Jackson on a bye and the fill-in options are pretty lean (need a W this week).  Should I pick up Carr, Bridgewater, Dalton, or Minshew or make the below trade:

Give - Chark

Get - Stafford & Devonta Freeman

Other WRs are AJB, Kupp, OBJ, Kirk and Edelman

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I think i might pass, freeman hasn’t looked the best and stafford is just okay as a starter. Bridge water has been serviceable and could get and easy 18-20 points for you. Considering you have lamar i would maybe just try my luck with bridgewater or minshew 


help with mine? 


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Not a fan of the trading option for a one week rental even if it is a phenomenal matchup for him.  If you could use a RB3 then maybe.

Bridgewater will get almost the same production as Stafford for free.

Some like Minshew, I haven't cared for him although he has produced a decent fantasy output.

If Carr wasn't playing TB I'd pick him easily for this week.

I am unsure about Dalton (he looked awful on Sunday) and I definitely wouldn't want any part of him against WFT--a truly horrible team with a decent defense.

I guess my preferred option would be Bridgewater.


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