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Nick Chubb dropped question

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Looking for some input.  12 team PPR league, 3 IR spots per team.  Pretty competitive league on it's 5th year.  On Sunday morning the Chubb owner dropped him from an IR spot to pick up a streamer RB.  He was dropped from an IR spot, however the team was only using 1 of their 3 IR spots, and is currently using 0 of them.  After waivers were processing I noticed Chubb was on waivers and thought wtf, someone just dropped him now, why?  And then I looked and saw he was actually dropped Sunday when people were preoccupied with their teams and the games starting.  Only 1 team saw this and put in a claim on Chubb.  To me this move is absolutely shocking and (not collusion) but...similar in how it makes 0 sense and there can be no explanation unless they personally hate Chubb or they did it on accident.  Waiver claim 6 was the only one to claim and got him, but he figured it was a mistake and it would be reversed, another player saw nothing wrong w/ dropping Chubb.  My thoughts are obvious.  Am I right or overreacting?

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If it went through the waiver system, I find it hard to call it collusion (unless the guy who picked him up had #1 priority then it almost certainly is).  You said that he had 6th priority, so it doesn't smell of collusion to me).  If anyone else noticed him with a higher priority they could pick him up, so if it was collusion it was a very risky play.

It smells more like foolishness or an accident to me.

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