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10-22-20 Giants @ Eagles TNF Thread

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scott owners dont deserve that, i hate all of you

Just now, Deke said:

he’s not great but he’s better than the rest of the backs on the roster

I just don't understand why they signed him I guess. They know they aren't going anywhere. Signing him hasn't moved the needle for this offense even a little bit. 

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Just now, Brettg57 said:

So I give up on Engram and gets a season high catches in the first half. Cool lol

It was always going to happen eventually. If this offense stays this bad though, it will still be really inconsistent week to week. Nothing to worry about.

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Just now, Sternes said:

Why are you running there Giants?  You need around 30 yards.  Way to screw yourself into a fumble.


Only 3 handoffs the whole half before that one 😂

Giants are so inept. You know your QB is Daniel Jones right? Maybe diversify your play calling a bit.

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Just now, CABLE87 said:

Well I'm not mad about the fulgham usage


Definitely getting good looks- just can't connect tonight...hoping more luck in 2nd half. 

7 targets for 27 yards however looks pretty terrible on the surface- but 3-4 throws uncatchable. 

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