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Samaje Perine 2020 Outlook

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I know what you're thinking: it's almost Halloween and we're bringing back a ghoul from the pasts of dynasty players who burned a first round rookie pick on this colossal waste of space.  

Not true.  This deepest of fliers is being mentioned because of one carry and one carry only.

In Week 6, which Mixon was out of the game with a foot injury, in the 4th quarter of a one point game, Perine was trusted to run the ball on 3rd and 1.  He was stuffed because, of course he was.  It was Perine, not long-time Bengal Gio Bernard, who was given that carry.  

Mixon is now out with a mysterious foot injury that has me thinking he may be out long-term.  

Gio Bernard will have a role.  Will it be the lead role?  Or will Samaje Perine (or perhaps Trayveon Williams, I mean, who knows?) get some work and goal line?  After all, he got that 3rd-and-1 carry in a life-or-death situation, over Gio...


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11 hours ago, brosephd said:

does perine catch like gio?


I wouldn't say like Gio. Bernard has been one of the better pass catching backs in the league over the years in my opinion and is shifty enough to run routes and make LBs miss after the catch. Perine has caught 29 balls on 33 targets so he's efficient but he hasn't done much with those receptions. He's a big dude listed at 240 lbs. and is more of a bruiser which isn't ideal behind a bad o-line. He'd need to fall in the end zone to return any value and who knows how often the bungals will be operating in Giants territory. With a wildcard at QB it's tough to bank on an Bengals this week outside of maybe Tyler Boyd. 

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