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I’m going to write a super long review of the 3 daily snake drafts sites (Drafters, Underdog, FanDuel) that most people are probably not going to read so I want to sum it up right now. Both Drafters and FanDuel are better than Underdog in every way except underdog has a cool but ultimately useless ‘exposure bar’ and drafters is significantly better than FanDuel also and would dominate it in every way if we can just get more traffic for 6 mans on the Sunday main slate. I was going to write to separate reviews but instead I’ve decided to write just this one then a follow up tm or sat more about my personal experiences on each site and why I have used all three enough to judge which is best. To get started I have to admit I do not play season long best ball so I won’t mention any of that in the reviews but if I did there’s only one site I’d use. I also don’t play snake draft tourneys but if I did I would prefer the multiweek tourneys where you draft a new team against new users every week until a winner is crowned and Drafters is the only site that has multi week tourneys so they win that by default in that category imo. Now onto the heart of my reviews worst to first. Underdog fantasy is the worst site ever especially if you play contests 100$+ but the 1 thing they do have is the exposure bar which is super cool but also completely useless and more of a luxury than something that will help you draft better (drafters basically has a more useful, less sexy version; a search bar that pulls up every league you have a player in and your allowed to actually swap players out...). Underdog hates giving promos because they hate the players, they have no 1st time deposit bonus and I have only ever seen them give out 2 promos before that ended within a couple days of announcing, compared to Drafters who reached out to me to give the players a 25% deposit bonus and gives bonuses at the start of every season and multiple times in season. Your only option on Underdog to pay less than 10% rake in a contest is to play $1000 h2hs that I’ve never even seen anyone sit in let alone fill and some of there contests charge as much as 12.5% rake, to sum it up the ‘people behind the Draft website’ are total dicks, much more insight when I follow up with my personal experience on why I dislike underdog so strongly. FanDuel is the Amazon/McDonald’s of daily fantasy drafts and is a terrible site for showdown slates, there ‘pick 3’ setting sucks especially for baseball because you can’t pick 3 players from the same team so you can only do a 2 man stack, Underdog has a better version of ‘pick 3’ being ‘pick 4’ and drafters has an even better version ‘draft 5’ (on drafters you can ‘create a game’ and do 3 flex 4 flex no qb flex whatever). The only deposit bonus you’ll ever get on FanDuel is the first time so you better max out and play low variance (if it even exists in fantasy) to build your bankroll, they have epically bad customer service with week long response times and inadequate answers (will be specific with my experiences when I follow up fri or sat). One thing FanDuel has that the other sites don’t is a ‘reward center’ similar to what poker stars/acr/other poker sites have... it’s hollow and it’s basically worthless. I am almost to the last reward level and will go super in depth on it in my follow up but to sum it up I bet over 2gs a week and get at most about $10 a week in ‘fanduel points’ and 1 free entry to a .25 cent shitshow tourney a week. Give me 25% bonus up front over the slowly distributed rewards any day of the week. The only ‘advantage’ FanDuel has over Drafters is it has more traffic for 6 mans on the main slate but that’s why Drafters is giving out great promos because they want to get those going again, Drafters right now is a showdown utopia perfect for WS, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night football combined with COVID rescheduling it’s a must for any showdowns that pop up and if it can get enough 6 man main traffic it will **** on FanDuel in every way. Drafters ‘Draft 5’ is a better version than FanDuel’s ‘pick 3’ and allows you to really build the stacks you want to bet on. Playing Drafters over FanDuel is like shopping at the mom and pop store and still paying amazon prices. Not only does Drafters have multiple game types available in it’s lobby (2 QB Deep, Draft 5, Regular), it also has a ‘create a game’ tab on the website that allows you to completely customize your game modes, kickers defense 3 qb 5 rbs 10 flex whatever you want down to the draft time per pick and max swap limits. The website isn’t perfect I’ll be the first to admit that and some of the features on the app/website can and will be improved (things on FanDuel also need to be improved but I have 0 confidence it will, I have been on drafters over a year and have seen improvement first hand) but there hands on customer service responds in a timely manner and is willing to make human adjustments that big names like FanDuel cannot make (ex. yahoo has a fixed policy that if at least two games play on any slate it isn’t canceled but when the games were canceled in mlb because of protests Drafters listened to the players and refunded the contests, including all the rake for that night, they did the right thing over the profitable thing unlike other big name sites (not sure what FanDuel did bc I didn’t play there that night but it’s an easy guess)). If you believe something needs to be changed you can post a poll on the message board and they will listen to the people. I personally have gotten the ‘max swap limits’ increased and the ‘draft 5 hitters only’ game mode added for the WS, I asked and they responded within 5 minutes! Most importantly drafters is the optimal sight for low stake snake drafters. FanDuel charges 10% rake for games less than 109$ while Underdog charges 10-12.5% rake for all contests except $1000 h2hs. Drafters charges 8.9% saving low stakes players that crucial 1.1% in fees that will add up and help them climb stakes faster so they can really start to pay less rake and play on an even playing field. Drafters is simply the best choice in every way for daily snake drafts and this deposit bonus will allow you do daily snake drafts in the most optimal way.
Promo code: Beretta for a 25% deposit bonus to drafters Max deposit for bonus $500, $125 in bonus

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