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Would u guys accept this trade?


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Got an offer:


my James Robinson/juju smith schuster


his Michael Thomas/David Montgomery 


ppr league


Take the offer or is MT not worth the risk right now



my team:


rb-James Robinson, Melvin Gordon, Darrell Henderson, mark ingram, chase edmonds, James white

wr- Tyreek, Aj Brown, Justin Jefferson, juju, tee Higgins 


Had Saquan too but **** happens

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Assuming everyone was health, yes; you probably do the trade.  I don't know what is up with Michael Cooper.  Is it a real, new hamstring issue, or does this have something to do with him attacking a teammate?

If you can live with the downgrade from JRob to Monty for a couple weeks it is likely worth the flier.  Monty doesn't appear to have too high of a ceiling, but he does have a fairly solid floor.

Forgot to mention, you're not losing a whole lot with JuJu.  I actually forgot that he was in the deal.

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