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10/25/2020 Steelers vs Titans Game Day Thread

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Glad I trusted Diontae talent and not the hack fantasy analysts all pumping claypool 

aj brown is such a gd beast

Seriously Diontae!!!!?????? What you trying to prove on my bench????!!

33 minutes ago, Deke said:

Jonnu is useless. Can’t start him because his team has COVID or is injured, but when you can he does nothing 


yea had to start since andrews is on bye but he'll be bench fodder from here on out looks like. Not enough passing attempts or end zone work and with henry running through people it looks like he's falling off a cliff. Trade window over on him as well 

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37 minutes ago, stay_woke said:


Why would you get your survivor picks from a pornstar anyways?

Hey, I'm not.  I don't understand why people are fascinated with her or what makes her an expert.  I think all the other Sirius XM hosts indulge her because of the fact that she was an ex porn star.

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8 minutes ago, DLG10 said:

Derrick Henry?  Why?


he was saying henry isn't a "brave" runner and should try trucking guys his own size like lineman and LBs bc a guy his size trucking DBs is easy. Basically trash talk mixed with some analysis since he was a former steelers player

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2 minutes ago, Eaglesflyhigh11 said:

Was it beautiful as the points look?

It was beautiful.  He split the defenders perfectly after catching the ball and took the perfect angle to outrun four Steelers.

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