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Niners vs Patriots Game Day Thread

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2 minutes ago, nonstopfan said:

Is Cam the worst QB in the league right now? Dalton and Minshew are probably worse but he's getting there.

No...Cam is not the worst qb in the league. Its more that Cam has the worst Reciving corps in the league. ABSOLUTELY no "weapons" ABSOLUTELY no Offensive Talent.

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McKinnon must have slept with Shanahans wife.


Juscyk time!   

7 minutes ago, pdog109 said:



I would've started him had I not got lucky and picked up Bernard. I think either McKinnon is hurt or the coaching staff just lost trust in him. He's got a rock bottom floor and now his ceiling is capped as he looks like strictly a 3rd down back. Weird as he had a nice stretch of games earlier in the year.

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Just now, shakestreet said:

I am wondering that too... has he entered the game yet? 

Yes he’s been in on a couple of plays. 

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6 minutes ago, pdog109 said:


If you started a 49ers RB your getting trolled hard. Never again. I'm dropping McKinnon faster than i can drop a deuce.

Not sure I understand the troll part. It’s all league size dependent. In all my deep leagues both McKinnon and Wilson were both played. 

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17 minutes ago, phillyball said:

Played Cam over Baker today in superflex.  Awesome call...

Damn bro. Cam against the Niners over Baker versus Cincy?

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2 minutes ago, pdog109 said:


Shanahan is a trash coach and the 49ers will never win anything with him, he's pure garbage and so is Jimmy G, he puts the G in Garbage.

Never win?  Have you looked at the score? 23-3 at halftime 

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