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10/25/2020 Jacksonville JAGS at LA Bolts Game Day Thread

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Herbert is a F'n golden god.

Just now, rasto21585 said:

Owning Herbert reminds me of the year picking up Watson his rookie year. 


amazing that the immortals Tom Savage & Tyrod Taylor held these two back from getting in from jump.

i can understand Taylor a bit more, what with no preseason this year, but ... still. 


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2 minutes ago, yung_fetty said:

Chark is absolutely fed up with Minshew's GARBAGE accuracy. 9 targets for 1 reception. Not ever gonna blame Chark again, he's open almost every play, including double/zone coverages let alone 1 on 1 situations

He looks pissed

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5 minutes ago, kidsgotsoul said:

Even when he does throw downfield Chark doesn’t even have a chance because the ball is so badly placed

Yeah I know...Minshew isn't great but he’s far and away the best option they have. Marrone did himself a big disservice making the potential of benching him a public thing. His confidence looks shot to me and he was already struggling. He's proven he can be serviceable but I doubt he gets back there any time soon now. They'll throw one of those other guys out there and they will probably be even worse.

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