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Trade for Mahomes or A-Rod?? whir

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10 tm, ppr. Qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex, te, def, k. 

1 team has A-Rod & Mahomes & both are available for a WR.  My team: Qb: Ben & Cam(dropping) Rb: Cook, J-Rob, Mixon, Monty, MG3.   WR: Golladay, A-Rob, Chark, AB

His Rb: Zeke, Hunt, Jones

Wr: Moore, JuJu, E Sanders, Fulgham

Send any of these offers or something else? 

#1: Give A-Rob & MG3 for 1 of the QB's

#2: Give AB & MG3 for 1 of the QB's? May be too soon to try & cash in on AB. Lol!

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Deal 2 for me too and I likd Mahones more. In 2 of my leagues it’s seems the owners are out on Pat. Might be able to get him for a little cheaper. I wouldn’t give up A Rob and Gordon but AB I’m cool with. You might be able to get him to throw in another player too


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I like Rodgers, but Mahomes is the obvious target here.  He's better with more targets and hence a higher floor (and ceiling).  The "bad" game of 14 points he scored this week is mostly because their defense scored a ton of points.

As everyone else said, you should give away the unknown if possible.  AB is going to be on a team with a good QB (A-Rob is not), but there are a lot more mouths to feed on TB offense than Chicago's.  He also hasn't played in over a year.

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