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What Do You Need On MNF?


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Weird-a** game this week. Getting absolutely obliterated, then JRob goes crazy. Still go into the late game absolutely miles behind, then Russell Wilson takes over. Only...not quite enough.

I need Montgomery to get no more than 4.54pts in 0.5PPR. Not gonna happen.

Can't help but wonder...what would have happened if I hadn't switched Justin Jackson out for Chark at the last minute? What would have happened if OBJ hadn't decided he wanted to be the hero and chase down his defender? What would have happened if that Metcalf TD had been allowed in OT, instead of the INT next play?

I'm a Browns fan. I had OBJ. The other guy had Burrow and Boyd. That hurt. The end of that game was sweeeeeet though. Probably worth the pain.

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