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ESPN when talking about McVay

This doesn't belong here, but needs to be seen.   

Unfortunately, we won't know about Henderson until after the game. Early indications are it's not that bad. If it was, they wouldn't have panned away. Definitely got off the field. At this point, I could see him missing the next game since they have a Week 9 bye. Just rest him up for the stretch run. That's if it's not serious. 

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Just now, Jordan23 said:

I just watched it 3 times...was an ackward tackle. Looked like a knee to me but im not a doctor

That what I thought as well...the tackle got him shaken up. He couldn’t get up by himself and when a teammate came over he kind of hesistant to take his hand and get up...and then of course they panned the camera into McV face...

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