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Opening in contract league (Free to play)

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Hey Guys & Girls,

I'm looking for a committed GM to take over one Franchise in my contract dynasty league which as just finished its forth year. The league is conducted through Proboards were all communication takes place and is a MUST activity requirement of the league. Yahoo is used to keep track of points, regular season standings and playoffs. In order to take over the available team It is very important that you register on proboards and make your intentions known by declaring interest on the SIGN UP THREAD .


League Overview

This is a sixteen team league where each GM has the ability to control every aspect of their rosters. The league will be a nine category H2H with daily line-up changes including a 8 team playoff. The scoring categories will be field goal %, Free Throw %, 3-points made, points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and Assist/turnovers ratio. All rosters can consist up to fourteen players. Plus two additional injury slots and a eight player development team. 


  • Free to play
  • Proboards forum and Discord chat is used for all aspects of communication.
  • Scoring is conducted on yahoo
  • Two, Eight team conferences, East and West
  • Nine Category H2H scoring
  • Hard Cap Salary is used (2020-21, 115m)
  • Trade Deadlines (Yahoo week 21 approx)
  • Offline Free Agency, un/restricted bidding
  • We use a contract calculator to calculate salaries 
  • Bird Rights
  • Waivers and Buyouts
  • Annual offline rookie draft (contracts based on pick scale system)
  • Eight player development roasters (only applies to rookies signed for up to three years)
  • Google Spreadsheet is used to keep track of contracts, salary cap, draft picks and free agency players (un/restricted)
  • Rewards and Incentives to prevent tanking
  • Annual Awards Ceremony


Here is a little bit to know about the team available:

2019-20 Regular Season Position: 3rd 

2020 Bubble Tournament Position: N/A (Did not enter, hence the replacement) 

2020 Draft Picks: #30, #37, #46



Once you have signed up, it is very important that you read the rules of the league as their are a lot of things that reflect the NBA's current system and things that are well, fantasy. Therefore, the person who takes over the vacant position, you would need to decide your Team Options (TOs/ highlighted in yellow) by the 19th November and participate in our offline rookie draft, which takes place on the 20th November. 

Finally, If you have any questions prior to signing up, feel free to PM me on here. Or If this league/team interests you can SIGN UP HERE.


Kind Regards 




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