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Miles / AJ Green for Melvin / J Jefferson. WHIR

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12 team ppr I’m 3-4 8th place

QB D. Watson

RB E. Elliott

RB J. Robinson

WR T. Lockett

WR AJ Brown

TE G. Kittle

FX AJ Green

DF Tampa Bay

K W. Lutz


BN: M. Sanders

BN: T. Pollard

BN: J. White

BN: K. Cole

BN: D. Slayton

BN: T. Bridgewater


I need to win this week, so do I take J Jefferson / Melvin for my Miles / AJ Green?  I will have to start J. White as my RB2 if I don’t deal with Miles most likely out. My opponent is 4-3 right ahead of me with a strong team.


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Especially considering the bind you're in this week if you don't make a deal, I'd do this. Even if you were fine at RB, I'd still accept this trade. I like the upside of Jets better, and while I prefer Miles at RB, Gordon is no slouch...and you still have Zeke and Robinson. 

Thanks for mine :) . 

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