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Replacement owners needed 2nd year 12 player Keeper league

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First year just ended and we lost our commish to reasons unknown. He gave the powers to myself and one other gm to take over. League is very active and fun. Once full we will be conducting a dispersal draft of about 6 teams to get all teams up to par. Here is the constitution:



MLB League First Year Constitution


-Every year after the 2020 season, each GM must choose 12 total MLB keepers. (10 Core players, along with 2 rookie players ALL 25 MINOR LEAGUE PROSPECTS WILL BE KEPT EACH YEAR.)

-A Rookie Keeper is a player who has exceeded the farm eligibility requirements the previous year. For example if we were choosing keepers for the 2020 season, some Rookie eligible players would be Pete Alonso, Chris Paddack, Brandon Lowe, Nick Senzel, Victor Robles etc. Once the 2020-2021 off-season starts the commish will add a ROOK column next to each players name to show the player has that keeper eligibility.

-Keepers will be posted each year in their own Fantrax Forum, as well as chosen through the team Keeper Admin page to make sure that there are 2 actual Rookie Keeper eligible players kept and not non eligible rookie keepers. 


Yearly Drafts

-Every season after 2020 there will be 2 drafts during the off-season, a MLB and prospect draft. The prospect draft will start the first weekend of January and will be 2 rounds. This draft will include only the prospects drafted in June from the previous year, and also all international signees from the previous year. (In real life after the MLB drafts and signs these prospects they will start showing up in the player pool, GM's are NOT ALLOWED to add any of these prospects as they are only meant for our leagues prospect draft. If a GM is caught adding one of these prospects to their team, that prospect will be automatically removed from the added team and that GM will also have to choose another prospect to be removed from their team so please check before adding prospects what year they were drafted or signed. There are many resources available to find this information.) Both propsect and MLB draft ordrers will be the worst record from the previous year up to the best record from the previous year (14th place=1st pick, 13th place=2nd pick etc.).

-The Prospect Draft will be held in its own forum that will be posted each year. Each GM will post their pick (Name, Position and MLB Team) and then contact the next team in the draft order that they are up. Each GM will add players to their team once the pick has been chosen and posted in the forum. There will be no time clock for this draft, but one will be added if the draft drags on too long, that will will be determined by the league.

Farm Team and Prospects

-All players in the farm team MUST be a current eligible prospect. No stashing of MLB players in the farm and also no stashing of prospects on MLB teams. Any violations of this rule will result in that player to automatically be removed from the team and sent to waivers. The commish will do everything he can to keep track of this rule, but help from all GM's is appreciated. 

-For the first season of the MLB League the commish will be lenient when it comes to lineup violations of prospects on MLB rosters and MLB players in the minors. If a prospect or MLB player was placed on a ineligible roster within 48 hours that GM will be asked to move the player to the appropriate place. If the player was stashed on the ineligbile roster for more than 2 days OR this was the GM's second violation, that player who caused the 2nd violation will automatically be removed from the team and placed on waivers. Starting the 2nd season and beyond of the league the commish most likely will continue to give out warnings within the 48 hour period but if there is a consistent violation of this rule by the same GM there will be no warnings for that GM. 

-Starting after the first season of the league AND AFTER keepers are chosen each year, GM's will be able to call up prospects with the potential of making the Opening Day roster. If the player does NOT make the Opening Day roster or there is proof the player was cut and sent to the minors during spring training the GM must immediatly move that player down within 48 hours to avoid that player being removed and placed on waivers.

-For a player to have prospect eligibility they must have not exceeded 130 AB's for hitters and 50 IP for pitchers in the MLB. The season after a player exceeds either farm limits, they will be non-farm eligible any more and promoted to Rookie status. (Ex. Dustin May pitched 34.2 innings in 2019, because he pitched more than 50 innings (total in his career) in 2020 he will be available as a Rookie keeper in 2021)

-At the end of the MLB Postseason, all prospect eligible players must be sent back down to the farm within 7 days, if the GM does not do so those players will be automatically removed from that GM's roster and sent to waivers.

-In order to call up a prospect to your MLB team they MUST currently be on their MLB teams 26 man roster. 

-The season a prospect exceeds the AB or IP limit that prospect will still be farm eligible all season long. Then in the off-season the commish will go through all the rosters and take farm eligibility away from these players and make them Rookie Keeper Eligible. This will make less work for the commish and GM's as to not have to continually keep track of prospect eligibility all season long. 


-The top 4 teams from each division for a total of 8 teams will face each other. The playoff matchups will go 1 Seed vs. 4 Seed and 2 Seed vs. 3 Seed. If there are any ties from the standings, or during the playoffs tiebreakers will be determined by 1: H2H record, 2: Most Categories Won, 3: Best Division Record

-Other rules: There will be no adding or cutting of MLB players from the MLB roster throughout the off-season, prospects however will be available. 


MLB League Off-season

-Each year after the completion of the World Series, there will be a league improvement period. The approximate schedule and details of the off-season will go as follows.

-November 1st or if leagues allows once the World Series ends:
1. Prospect Eligible players must be moved back to the farm within 7 days.

2. Rule Changes
    GM Nomination's for Removal
    Division Draft*

*To keep divisions competitive each year, during the off-season the 2 teams with the best records from the previous year will each draft their division. The 2nd best record team will choose first and the draft working as a snake draft thereafter. This is a rule all my other leagues have or have adopted and works very well to keep competition spread throughout the league instead of one division. 

-All rule changes and nominations must be voted on and completed before moving on.


  1. New GM's if needed are recruited. 
  2. Trade Period opens up for the off-season once new GM's are found or all League Improvement Details are settled. 
  3. The first Friday of January League Fees are due (All fees must be paid or the draft will be postponed.)
  4. The first Saturday of January the 2 Round Prospect Draft will be held.
  5. Keepers are due (Approx. 1 week before March 15th)
  6. March 15th MLB Draft (Approx. date. Will always start the closest Saturday morning at 10 AM ET to that day) 
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Mike Trout
Shane Bieber

Cody Bellinger
 Bryce Harper
 Lucas Giolito
Nolan Arenado

 Marcell Ozuna
Tyler Glasnow
J.T. Realmuto

Adalberto Mondesi
 Javier Baez
Randy Arozarena
 Jose Altuve
 Jose Abreu
Lance Lynn

 Nick Solak 
 Hyun-Jin Ryu
Cristian Javier 
 Carter Kieboom 
 Patrick Corbin
Jeff McNeil
J.D. Martinez
 Josh Bell

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