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Fun Fact: In high school, Bo Jackson didn't start for the varsity football team until his Senior year. He spent his first three years backing up Frank Gore.

Remember when scouts tried to compare Lenny Fournette to Bo?  Bo was special, he could have been the GOAT RB if he focused on only Football. I still remember that day he got injured. 

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On 10/29/2020 at 12:23 PM, yossarian said:

Nah. Talent is talent, especially at that elite elite level. Those guys were all-world hall of famers, especially LT. They would've figured out how to excel within the rules as they are now and would have been dominant today just like they were then. There just wouldn't have been as many concussions, and maybe they would've had longer careers. 

Also Bo would dominate any period. Dude was an alien. 



I was actually at that game when he did that.


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2 minutes ago, BrianM said:

Anyone else chuckle at the irony of Bo decrying poor tackling on a podcast run by Deion?

I found it funny. Well played, Bo.

Deion was never known as much of a tackler, he couldn't tackle Bo Diddley much less Bo Jackson.

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