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Jacobs or Hunt for my Wilson? WHIR!

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Was offered:

1) Jacobs for my Wilson


2) Hunt for my Wilson

10-team 0.5ppt ppr league

Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 RB/WR/TE Flex

My lineup:

QB: Wilson, Brady, Herbert

RB: Kamara, Robinson, Gaskin, Chubb

WR: Metcalf, AJBrown, Thielen, Godwin, Woods, Boyd, Antonio Brown

TE: J Smith

Should I accept either of these 2 trade offers to get extra depth at RB for downgrade in QB?

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Neither, I am not sure why you have 3 QBs though

If the dude wants a QB, offer him one of the others, Wilson is playing out of his mind though (He's the #2 QB even though he already had a bye)

Hunt's value will go down when Chub gets back (week 10 is when I think that is expected), so right when you are hopefully gearing up for the playoffs

I wouldn't want to get rid of Brady either, he is about to get another toy and the Bucs seem to be finding their momentum already

I think you are set as it is, I would sit tight

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The league has deep bench slots and nothing is of value there, so I picked up Herbert and originally tried to trade Herbert to the owner for one of those RBs, since he only has Newton. But he then countered with these 2 offers for my Wilson. 

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Your RB's are fine, you don't need either guy, same with your WRs... you are definitely in a position to make your playoffs so I would not focus on depth, but rather updating your starting lineup. 

The only position you can realistically upgrade and make a big difference is your TE spot. Try and buy low on Mark Andrews, or package off your ridiculous WR depth along with Wilson/Herbert for Kelce/Kittle. 



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