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TNF 10-29-2020 Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

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1 minute ago, chargahs said:

Not nearly as bad for ridley as it looked from the live angle

Feel like its too soon to say this. I really hope it is an ankle, but don't know how he can escape a foot injury with the way the tackle looked and how he was holding his foot afterwards. Let's hope he's back on the sideline after half.

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5 minutes ago, SuperJoint said:

Please. This dude became irrelevant weeks ago including games Julio didn't play. Maybe he is long term but that is not the trend. The rest of this game will answer the question to some degree.

Yeah they have a bunch of random WRs they will run out there in addition to him...Christian Blake,that one guy with the crazy long name, Brandon Powell...they usually just split in up between a bunch of pieces you can't actually use. Except the  couple games Gage was good.

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Just now, nonstopfan said:

Matt Ryan gets one TD run and now he thinks he’s Russell Wilson. Throw the damn ball lol.


... too bad they didn't sign a vet RB with a nose for the end zone this off-season 🤷‍♂️









 oh, wait - they did!  guy's tied with King Hendry for most rushing TDs this season.

seems legit. 

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2 minutes ago, brooklynfinest42 said:

looking at the Ridley play right now.. it did not look that bad at all.. nothing really got caught under him.. so frustrating. 

The defender pretty much threw all his weight at his feet/ankles. If it's just a simple ankle sprain we dodged a bullet. There's a huge spectrum for foot injuries though and some are very bad

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