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TNF 10-29-2020 Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

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Just now, pastorofmuppets2 said:



i can actually count the individual raindrops.


I love anything in 4K, but man college and pro football is seriously breathtaking--and not like in the Seinfeld baby way either.

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9 minutes ago, ginocan said:

Anderson must be like 100 lbs soaking wet

When I first saw him in his first year, I never thought he’ll have a chance to make it in the NFL with that frame. 

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1 minute ago, PackerBacker555 said:

Also, I’m playing against a desperation team


going up against Brian hill who seems to be in the game more often than Gurley. 

against Curtis Fricken Samuel. 

Are you in my league? 

I’m so desperate, I started Curtis Samuel. He is beaaaaaaaasting! 

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1 minute ago, Benjamin1984 said:

He's been awesome lately

He’s been above average, especially compared to the start of the season. I don’t know about awesome. Still disappointing for his ADP. 

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