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Another trade offer (WHIR!)


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12 team PPR deep keeper.  Going into tank mode. The four teams that miss the playoffs have their own playoff for the #1 pick next year, so I do have something to play for — just not until year’s end.  My probable keepers: Murray, Barkley, Mostert, Metcalf, Boyd, Woods and two of Edmonds, Gaskin, Hollywood and Preston. I can keep more than eight, but if you go over, you start giving back picks.  So to pick in the first round, you HAVE to get down to eight.

Another owner keeps floating me offers.  Here is the latest:  HIS Watkins and his 2021 first rounder (probably late in the round) for MY Hollywood and my 7th rounder.

I could care less about Watkins.  But I am intrigued flipping Hollywood for a late first rounder.  Usually 150-180 players are kept and the first two rounds of the draft are mainly rookies.  And given Brown's boom or (mostly) bust style, I'm starting to think I may not keep him anyway.

Thoughts?  Leave your link!

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Even though the first round is mostly rookies, I think I’d rather have that than Brown. And even though he can boom, you have three good WRs as keepers already. I’d make Gaskins my 7th keeper, and I’d rather have the 1st rd pick and keep either Edmonds or Williams than to have one less 1st and keep Hollywood. 

Thoughts on mine? 


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