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Was offered mark Andrews and Ronald Jones II for my Kittle


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1 PPR - Currently 4-3

My Team

QB: Justin Herbert, Matt Ryan

RB: Jonathan Taylor, Justin Jackson, Devin Singletary, Boston Scott, Nick Chubb

WR: AJ Brown, Michael Thomas, DJ Chark, Antonio Brown, Mike Williams

TE: George Kittle, Hunter Henry


Will most likely be dropping my Bills defense if I were to accept the trade as I also have Pittsburgh D. What do you guys think?

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You're RB corps leave a bit to be desired, but as a RoJo owner, I can tell you that he is not your answer.  If he could catch a ball or Fournette wasn't around her could be really good.  He can't catch and Fournette is taking half the touches, and all the passing work.

Find someone better, or just hold out a couple weeks for Chubb.

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Someone is trying to deal a soon to be dud in RoJo.  Don’t fall for it. Get a better RB!  Kittle is worth it and andrews hasn’t been lights out by any stretch.  HH is solid #2 TE.  If someone asked me for Kittle I’d want a more solid RB1 type.  There are only 2/3 TE like Kittle.  There are plenty of good RB.  

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