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Gesicki or Goedert? WHIR

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Gesicki is looking at anywhere between a 6-11 point window, which is what the Rams usually allow to total points to tight ends. I think he's a safe check down but Goedert has a juicy match up. Only thing I worry about is does Rich Rodgers completely fade away since Eagles like using two tight end sets? Jalen Raegor back.... lot of uncertainty here but IMO - Geodert is one of the few stud tight ends in the league. IMO always start your studs.

Thanks for help on mine. 

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18 minutes ago, Travis C. said:

Goedert... Foles averages 12 pass attempts per game to tight ends. Goedert is far more talented than Rodgers and has chemistry with Wentz 


Foles? Rodgers? 


Im asking Gesicki or Goedert?

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