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11-1-20 Cowboys @ Eagles SNF Thread

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This guy is the worst QB I’ve ever seen. Dinucci doesn’t look great either.

This game.  

Just now, ottawarenegader613 said:

Eagles RB Boston Scott seems to be the only bright spot in this game. He is racking up some fantasy points on my team tonight.


Thanks for specifying the team he plays for. Would’ve assumed you meant Cowboys RB Boston Scott

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7 minutes ago, OmegaRed88 said:

I can’t watch but listening on the radio, but this sounds like the worst NFL games in years.

I can’t believe I’m watching... I couldn’t imagine listening... on a radio? What year is it?! 

How are you posting on the interwebs but not able to watch? 

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6 minutes ago, fantasymad said:

The NFC East should forfeit this year. No team in that division deserves a playoff spot.


It's absolutely staggering how bad they are. I'm a Browns fan, and I'd back everyone in our division to win the NFC East.

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3 minutes ago, Hero202 said:

Dallas should have tried to trade for Fitzmagic the second it was announced he was being benched.  Easy division win and playoff spot If they did

I thought the same exact thing once he was benched for Tua. Fitz would instantly make the Cowboys offense respectable again.

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