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Monday Night Football: What do you need?

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like 17 points from Rojo because Carson Wentz forgot how to play QB   Oh I'm also playing against Dalvin Cook, that's fun

13 hours ago, dsrich said:

Jones and Succop to outscore Gronk by 11 (Jimmy G stream killed me here).

<12.8 from Gallman full ppr.


Both could be close. 

Lost by 3 because Jones fumbled off a bad luck play and got benched


Lost by 0.4 because gallman scored



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On 11/1/2020 at 11:32 PM, leffe186 said:

I'm sitting here watching the Cowboys trying to work out how they can get the Eagles D more points in the dying seconds of the match. Wait a minute...phew!

All right, let's get this started.

(1) I need Gronk to not be outscored by Scotty Miller by 20pts. Which should be fine, of course. Yet I just had Wentz up against the Eagles D, and so it's a darn sight closer than it should ever have been.

(2) I need Gallman to not score more than 7pts. Not likely, but not impossible with that Tampa D.

What's your poison?


(1) Mission accomplished.

(2) See Cool Story Thread.

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23 minutes ago, Hyperize said:


Lost :( Standard, and actually needed him to score less than 9, damn that Brady Gronk combo in the end zone!

Ah crap. Really sorry to hear that. Hopefully they repay you with a win similar when you need it next time

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