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Hasty + Bell + Harris + Jefferson for Zeke + AJ Brown? PPR. WHIR!!!

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Hey guys, I really like AJ Brown and gambling on buying low on Zeke. Do you think Zeke has any hope of bouncing back this season or is this a bad trade because I'm giving up 3 RBs? As the title states, I'd be giving up Hasty, Bell, Harris, and Jefferson and receiving Zeke + AJ Brown. PPR format.

Giving: Hasty, Bell, Harris, Jefferson

Receiving: Zeke, AJ Brown

My other RBs: Hunt, Jacobs, Jackson, JWill

My other WRs: Adams, Keenan Allen, DParker, Antonio Brown

On paper this looks like a really good trade for me, but I'm worried Harris/Hasty become solid RB2s from here on out and Zeke continues to languish. Bell seems doomed in that KC backfield split.

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Harris is game script dependant. Hasty.. you probably got him off the wire last week and I wouldnt count out Mostert or even Wilson yet if they come back.

I'd go for that trade, it could blow up in your face but there's a lot of upside, so give it a go.

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2 minutes ago, DFWSooner said:

Yeah, I'd do it.  As a Cowboy fan, something doesn't seem quite right with Zeke right now. Probably due to his O-line, but I'd still make that deal if I were you. 

thanks for helping with mine.


Is the Cowboys O-line slated to get any healthy starters soon? 

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I would take the deal. AJ Brown is legit. Zeke is a buy low for now although I'm not so sure he won't give up on the season. Regardless, Jefferson is hot/cold (he's on my team too) and I don't trust Bell in KC unless CEH goes down.



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I don't trust Zeke to be more than a RB2, but I think he easily has more value Bell or Harris.  I like AJ Brown a lot and think he is definitely better than Jefferson.  Hasty is the current SF RB of the week.  He'll be little used once Mostert returns.  You'e only going to play either of your two current RB in a flex due to injury (and possibly Hunt's bye week).

I'd do the trade.  Crazy trade if using draft day expectations.

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AJ Brown has WR1 upside if he isn't one already. Zeke still has the upside to be the RB1 in fantasy. Even if we're all on the right track and Zeke is a more like an RB2 because of Dalton and that line, you're probably giving up a bunch of RB 3s to get him. The only way this truly backfires on you is if CEH and Thielen both get injured. It's much more likely Zeke reemerges and Brown keeps up his WR1 pace that he's been on for the last calendar year than it is that everything on planet Earth breaks just right for the guy you're trading with and Jefferson and Bell become a WR1 and RB1.

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