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8 team PPR: Record 6-2

QB- WIlson

RB- Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert, Justin Jackson, McKinnon

WR- Julio Jones, Metcalf, AJ Brown, AJ Green, Slayton, Jamison Crowder (if I win my waiver claim)

TE- Kelce

K- Tucker

D/ST- Steelers


I like my team, but my running back situation scares me. Mostert and Ekeler should theoretically both be back to their usual featured roles by the time the playoffs roll around in week 14, but I think it'd be smart to reinforce that position if I can. That's where trading Kelce comes in. The guy who has Kittle is about to be 4-4 and is hanging on by a thread. He has Mahomes as his QB, so he'd love to have Kelce. The offer I was planning to make is:

Give: Kelce, Mostert, and Slayton

Get: Edwards-Helaire and Conner

I'm still high on CEH, and actually see Bell's dud yesterday as encouraging for him moving forward, and the Steelers have a very easy schedule outside of Indy and Baltimore. Am I giving up enough? Am I too high on CEH and giving up a little too much?

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4 hours ago, iamkoza said:

Your rb are fine. If anything trade a wr for a rb. Don't give up kelce

Yeah, I'm torn. I think they're fine, too, but I just don't like the uncertainty of the situation. San Fran's offense is a wreck even when Mostert comes back and becomes the bell cow, and I have my doubts a Chargers team that isn't going to be in the playoff hunt will give Ekeler a featured role. Plus Goedert, Engram, Hurst, Gesicki, etc are all available on waivers to stream week to week.

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8 hours ago, SMP1993 said:

Plus Goedert, Engram, Hurst, Gesicki, etc are all available on waivers to stream week to week.

You say that like it’s a good thing. Personally, I’d keep the huge advantage you already have. 

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