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AJ Brown Trade for... WHIR 100%

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My team is in the signature. I am very loaded at RB right now and I need to unload some off.


I am trying to trade for AJ Brown right now for Antonio Gibson. However, he wants a package deal with another player. Who do you think I should try and give up first and what order?

1) Brandin Cooks

2) Justin Jefferson

3) Melvin Gordon

4) Jaymachal Hasty 

What would I be giving too much of?


I want to give away Justin Jefferson or Brandin Cooks so I can keep some RB depth, but what are your thoughts.


League is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (WR,RB,TE) half-ppr


Please leave your link if you want me to respond. 



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TBH I don't really like Cooks, and I don't think he starts for you barring some injuries or bye week shenanigans...

I love AJ Brown--FantasyPro's has him as a #5 WR RoS.  I do worry that he has been ignore the first half the last couple games, but he's come on really strong in the second half and seems to be good for a TD per game.

I have a strong like for Gibson, but I think his team and game scripts limit his production.

I'd do the trade with Cooks.



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1 hour ago, Dark Kn19ht said:

Cooks then Hasty for me. SF RB are going to be a revolving door the rest of the way I believe.


Return the favor?


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