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Trade Away Travis Kelce? 100% WHIR

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I'm 5-3 right now in a PPR league. I'm sorely lacking an RB1 and considering trading away Kelce despite his absurd value right now in that TE slot. Here's what the trade would look like:

Giving: Kelce, Justin Jefferson, 1 bench RB (Harris or Hasty or Bell)

Receiving: Miles Sanders, Julio Jones, and JK Dobbins

My new TE would be Logan Thomas.

My other WRs for reference: Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, Devante Parker, Antonio Brown

My other RBs for reference: Josh Jacobs, Kareem Hunt, Damien Harris, Hasty, Justin Jackson, Le'Veon Bell

Really conflicted. On paper I love this trade because it lets me slide Julio right into my flex every week, and put in Miles Sanders over Hunt, but at the same time Kelce brings that 20 point TE floor. What are some of your thoughts? I'm just particularly worried a Hunt/Jacobs duo isn't going to cut it in playoffs, and god forbid if 1 gets hurt.

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I think the point difference from Thomas to Kelce is too great compared Hunt and Sanders. I understand your worry of injuries, but sometimes you gotta gamble for what you got. Kelce can be a league winner especially in a TE wasteland.

I think you stay. 

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If you’re giving up such a difference maker like Kelce, and you’re trying to address your RBs, you’d better be getting an elite one back. And you’re not. I’d pass. 

Return the favor?


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Thanks for mine. I would agree with most. Theres no way I would give up the leader in TE for anything less than sanders. I personally would want a better haul in terms of RB. Julio is good yes but if you want a better rb on your team get one. No reason yoy couldnt get an aaron jones or something for kelce (have to both include others) 

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