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Do You Know Of Other "Find A League" sites?

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Can any of you advise me of other Hoop sites where I might be able to recruit fantasy basketball owners?


Rotoworld has been the best for recruiting but I know there are other sites.


Any suggestions would be really appreciated


Thank you



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Reddit is a pain in the rear end.


You have to join their community and talk fantasy sports in a Kum Bye Yah type of non sense or you won't have "points" to post on their site because they think they are protecting their members from scammers.


It's ridiculous.


The only way you build points is wasting your time on threads.


I simply want to post looking for potential team owners. 


So because I have more important things to do than be on threads I'm not interested in, in an effort to build points so I can post on their site looking for fantasy owners to join my league, THEY WON'T ALLOW ME TO POST ON THEIR SITE.


I do share your sentiment regarding reddit. 


I'm 52 so I'm not on any social media. Never wanted my ex girlfriends to see me now that I'm fat and bald. LOLLLLLLLLLL


Anyways, any further suggestions would be appreciated. 


Thank you Atnygard.





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I agree totally edbuzz, deleted my account on reddit actually for the same reason. It probably is an age thing, I'm in my early 40's. I created a Twitter account for my league and have found a few that way, but stay away from asking friends as I have had a few that have said yes and then just stop playing, so would rather find people who are looking for me.

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Rotoworld has been good to me. 


I've recruited many of my team owners from rotoworld


Most of the guys I've recruited off of rotoworld have been 40+, 50+, 60+ and some retiree's.


I have a $1000 league fee so that in itself wards off a lot of the younger fantasy fanatics, although I do have a couple in their 20's and 30's


I have more than one league.


I find I have the most success when prospective owners call me on the phone. I've been running leagues so long that I can answer their question before they finish asking


Once guys speak with me they feel comfortable joining my leagues


Plus I've been on rotoworld for almost 14 years now with not one accusation of me being a cheat so that has helped. 


I know fantasy basketballcafe.com used to be a great site to recruit on but now there is no traffic on that site anymore.


Good luck with your leagues and in your recruitment efforts.


I always ask my existing league members to assist me in recruiting. That's another good way to go about it.


I started a $300 league a few seasons ago to get beginners to give it a shot and it's turned into sort of a "farm system" if you will for my $1000 leagues. After 2 seasons guys are ready to join the more expensive league. So that's been a huge help. 



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