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Tyreek Hill - Sell high?

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I need a solid rb for down the stretch badly. Does anyone else think Hill is a possible sell high candidate?

I was thinking about targeting Miles Sanders or Zeke Elliott.

Do these sound worth the gamble?

- Hill for Sanders straight up

- Hill and Moss(or Dobbins/Edmonds) for Zeke and Allen Robinson.


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How does Hill for Miles and Emanuel Sanders sound? Standard league.


my WR’s are Hopkins, Hill, Claypool

RB’s are Edmonds, Dobbins, Moss, Bell, Pollard, J Williams

Kyler Murray at QB, so hoping I can make some kind of magic trade with Hill to even out my roster down the stretch. Plus, Hill sitting this week is gunna hurt me in a must win game.



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This is a good idea. Is there any other RB candidates to trade for or are those the only guys that are "available" in trades? I value Hill quite highly because he is more likely to go off than a lot of other guys around his position. Sanders injuries are hard to gamble on. Zeke just doesn't have it this year. I like your idea of balancing out though and yes, need a RB for sure. Help me? 


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