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Help: Manager wants A.Jones WHIR

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10 man 0.5 ppr, (QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/T, W/R, K, DEF)

My team: 

QB: Brady, Watson
WR: Metcalf, Shepard, Mike Williams, Slayton, Reagor 
RB: D. Henry, A.Jones, A. Gibson, Hasty

Background: One manager wants A.jones from me. I want better receivers and he has them by the bunches. What would be a fair trade?  Or maybe not trade at all. 

His team:

QB:  Mahomes 
RB: J. Robinson, Fournette, J. Taylor, R. Jones II
WR: M. Thomas, AJ Brown, Thielen, Robby anderson, Mike Evans, AB




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I think I'd try and get Mahomes in the the deal.  Something like Aaron Jones + Brady (or Watson if you feel like it or that's the only option) for Mahomes + AJ Brown + Mike Evans (he really doesn't need two TB receivers)

The thing is he's coming to you and an elite RB1 is worth way more than any one of the those WR1.

Aaron Jones is averaging 17.5 ppg (non-PPR), and AJ Brown is only averaging 13.5 ppg (which is really good for a WR) so in a straight up trade you're losing 4 ppg.

I wouldn't feel the need to trade Aaron Jones unless you are very comfortable with what is coming back.

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