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trade or too much tinkering? WHIR

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12 team, redraft, 0.5ppr, qb, 2rb, 2wr, te, flex

6-3 record


jones, chubb, sanders, ekeler, gaskin, dallas

k allen, lockett, fuller, kupp, cooks

hunter, jonnu


hunter has been so terrible. I just picked up jonnu afer he was dropped last week. my TE spot has been horrible lately.

kelce owner has indicated he may be willing to trade him this week (he needs to win now and has goedert)

Trade 1 - chubb for kelce (i may need to add a WR but that is the framework)

If I pursue trade 1, i'd want to acquire j williams and b scott to cover my RB position. lucky for me one team owns both. This owner has been unwilling to move either RB for cheap so do i offer trade 2?

trade 2 - give fuller get b scott and j williams


if i do trades starting roster would be:


jones, sanders (with their backups on roster)

allen, lockett


flex: kupp or cooks (maybe ekeler if he comes back in a few weeks)



is all of this too much tinkering or is it worthwhile to go after kelce?



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I'd get Kelce.  He is a beast while most other TEs are terrible this year.  

As for trade 2, I'm a little more cautious.  I'd try to get a one week stop gap RB on waivers before I'd trade Fuller for two backup RBs.  I see that you're doing, and you can likely afford it, but I think you can almost get a starting high-end RB2 for Fuller.

defintely need help


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