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Rate these WR ROS? (WHIR)

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I'm going to say Aiyuk, Lazard, Shepard, Samuel, Reagor.  But once he's back up to speed, I could see Lazard moving up.  I'm sure Rodgers will be happy to have him back.

Thanks for mine!

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3 hours ago, jagsfan05 said:

ESPN Full Point PPR.

Brandon Aiyuk
Sterling Shepard
Jalen Reagor
Curtis Samuel
Allen Lazard


Well Lazard I feel is the best one with the best QB.  But I have a feeling he could be slow to break in...  But that being said.


1.  Lazard

2.  Aiyuk

3.  Sehpard

4.  Samuel

5. Reagor

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Wow, tough. This like half the WR4 tier here.

I guess Shepard > aiyuk > samuel > lazard > reagor.

This can be completely shuffled and flipped after this week tho.

Shepard and aiyuk are essentially top options are their teams but have questionable QB play. Lazard and reagor have good QB play but their role in offense is kinda TBD. Samuel seems like he can be frustrating but cant deny is numbers as of late.

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