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Mike Davis & Aiyuk for Arob - PPR WHIR 100%

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Would you trade Allen Robinson, Noah Fant and Boston Scott for Mike Davis, Aiyuk and Hunter Henry. 

I am leaning towards no but i wanted to get other opinions. I kind of need RB but i did survived without CMC and made it to 6-3, so i think i can do for another 2 or 3 weeks if he is out for that long. 

My team :- 0.5 Pt PPR. 


CMC, Dobbins, Edwards, Boston Scott, Hasty, Bernard. 

Allen Robinson, Evans, Chark, Cooks, Hollywood Brown Lazard. 


He wont bite of any other WR since his WR are Julio, Thomas and AJ Brown. 


Leave Link and WHIR 100%. 

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No, I would not go near this deal.

Davis and Scott are handcuffs whose value will plummet when the starters return.  Yes, CMC is out again this week, but he should be back soon again, so that's a wash.

Fant is a part of Denver's offense, Henry is slowly getting pinched out of the Chargers'.  Advantage: Fant.

Robinson is much MUCH better than Aiyuk, and even in a bad offense he will keep getting peppered with targets.  Advantage: Robinson.


This deal isn't even close in my estimation.  Just say no!

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