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Greetings All,


I've posted on here a few times so some of you may be familiar - our group at Coast 2 Coast Fantasy has been together about 9 years now.  We do football, basketball and baseball, and we've come across an opening in our dynasty basketball league hosted on ESPN.  This is a free league, but make no mistake of it the competition within our group is through the roof.


In all candor the teams in pretty tough shape - Donovan Mitchell and Tyler Herro are your building pieces, but thankfully for you our group is HYPER competitive on the trade front which brings me to my next note of mention.  This isn't going to be an ideal setting for you if you aren't engaged on our GroupMe chat.  We've managed to stay together as long as we have based on great communication through our group chat, and as much would be expected from the new owner coming in.  We've had owners come in stating that they'll be an active participant and didn't last 2 weeks, so please save us both the time if you feel you may fall into this category.  Otherwise, the chat forum we utilize almost nightly for banter, trade talk, sports talk, video game talk, and your standard chatter - it's a fun way to stay engaged.  


Ideal way to reach me is by email - c2cfantasysports@gmail.com 


Hoping to dig up a solid replacement if available soon as we're going to be starting our rookie draft the night of the NBA draft.


Cheers all,

- JD

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