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Trade Dalvin now? - Trade deadline tonight

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Hi guys

So, for my league, I'm currently 1st place. This is a 10 team (0.5 PPR) and we keep 4 players for a maximum of 2 years. This is my last season with Dalvin. After this season is over, I will have to trade him for either a draft pick or another player before next year's draft.

Would you try and trade Dalvin now and look to acquire another stud? Dalvin's schedule is not great for the fantasy playoffs (weeks 14-16) and I may be able to get someone like Derrick Henry 

Again, if I don't make a move today, I'll have to wait in the offseason and take the best offer (player or dradft picks)

thanks - leave a link

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40 minutes ago, TheByeRound said:

Are there any other teams in a similar situation as you? As in someone else needing to offload an RB because they're coming up to 2 years. 


Sadly, no. Only other RBs in similar situations are one owner with Mixon and another owner with Carson

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