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TNF GameDay Thread: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Clots

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In what world do you not start AJ Brown every week?

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1 minute ago, Gohawks said:

He got the ball and made a terrible read what the hell do you want?

Taylor has been absolutely awful in short yardage most of the season. That’s just the reality.

As a Taylor owner... I’m at a loss, he doesn’t look like the same guy.  He is much slower and isn’t reading well.  That 3 and 1 carry, he ran right into his own lineman and stymied this own momentum.

I maintain that it does seem like when he does get the call, defense is in the backfield.  Some odd play calling too...

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Taylor just looks slow. Giving me flashbacks of Trent Richardson. Wilkins looks like your average RB. Hines looks great, I just don’t think he is built to touch the ball 20 times a game. But if I’m Indy, I’m keeping Hines on the field on important plays, even if it is a short yardage situation.

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1 minute ago, Vendetta said:

Seriously. I think they’re trying to break JT mentally.


1 minute ago, herschel said:

AJ limping off the field?

As a JT and AJ owner I actually just found myself giggling out loud, as Heath Ledger’s Joker might, after reading these two posts back to back.  

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