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TNF GameDay Thread: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Clots

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In what world do you not start AJ Brown every week?

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A co-worker of mine has a daughter who teaches.  Her school district was home to the Cox family, three wonderful daughters named Pleasure, Precious, and Desire.   

This story is at least 10 years old and it is burned in my brain every time someone puns on the Cox name

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I think next year instead of playing fantasy football I’m just going to take one of those twisty-tie things they use on loaves of bread, strip away the paper revealing the wirey metal inside, and insert it into my the center of my left pupil. Each of the next 15 weeks I’ll carefully push it in just a hair further, culminating week 16 when I rip it out as fast as possible, while simultaneously forcing a murder hornet to sting my right pupil. 

Or is that taking the easy way out?



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1 hour ago, PisEdiRin said:

Nyheim Hines is the best RB on the Colts


The question is when do the Colts realize this and use him that way?

The same time that the Vikings offense splutter because Dalvin Cook "can not succeed without a deep threat on the Vikings". 


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