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TNF GameDay Thread: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Clots

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10 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

Bingo! Had a rant about this recently in the Vent and Rant thread. I already don't do kickers, would like to see defense gone too. 


See and I'd argue the opposite, there is randomness in all positions, there's some skill in navigating those match ups in all positions (Justin Jefferson as a WR2/Flex is a good example this season), pretending it's limited to only K/DEF is ignoring that reality.

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In what world do you not start AJ Brown every week?

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Just now, yossarian said:

meh. they're not playing the falcons or the chargers. the game is over. 

not gonna lie -- this was not an awful outcome for my Rodrigo vs his JT. 

Game is over with 4 min to go???  Your probably right but you have to at least try.  I mean they play the same team in two weeks.  If they could of at least made a game of it you give your team some confidence going into indy.   Piss poor coaching by vrabel.

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On 11/12/2020 at 11:10 PM, Silkk1211 said:

Eagles definitely seem like a better play so no worries

Sigh. Eagles giving me zero points from the D/ST position. What a joke. And now I'll play Colts next week and they'll give me negative.

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