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TNF GameDay Thread: Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Clots

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12 minutes ago, LarryDavid said:

do you even watch the games bro? JT runs like a monster and the dude can catch. Stop with the troll takes 

running like a monster is not a stat. Hines is filling up the stats tonight. 3 weeks ago JT was terrible, the game after bye he did rebound somewhat but more often than not he seems to have no vision on his runs.

Onto the watching point, I am watching right now, so lets watch together and see where your high opinion comes from.

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In what world do you not start AJ Brown every week?

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4 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

Here comes the usual garbage Derrick Henry 1 yard touchdown. What he is reliant on to remain relevant. 

Dude is second in league in rushing yards?


you guys just make stuff up on this forum.

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Just now, Lamont Sanford said:

You shoulda’ known if you benched him he’d score. Unfortunately, you’re also certain that if you start him he won’t. Might as well lower your jaw into a old rusty vice and tickle the crank monkey.

basically the story of my season. I haven’t made one correct lineup decision. I truly hate fantasy football

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