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11/15/2020 SNF Ravens @ Patriots Game Day Thread

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ooh! also--pdog is away or something. when he's not around the levels of...uh....enthusiasm and engagement.... in these game threads drop significantly. 

1 minute ago, yossarian said:

you have a rushing offense and a qb great at running and you have to get 1 yard on 4th down and you...go with that wildcat bullshit? wtf? i'm glad that blew up in their faces. that was a stupid ******** playcall. dumbasses.


Few things I hate more than the 4th and 1 waffling when everyone knows they should go for it, then they wait and can't decide, then finally settle too late on it and burn a TO.  I know they didn't and argued about the clock tonight. Just go up there and run and keep the D on their heels. 

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Omg. Damien Harris is carving these guys up. The team gets 1st and goal and proceeds to forget about Harris and start running BS plays. How in the world do they not just run 3 straight runs given how well they’ve been running the ball?! Unreal.

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Just now, Silkk1211 said:

Goodness Myers couldn't have been more open


He wishes he was 10 years old again.  Remember when you could throw it to yourself 10 yards downfield if you through it in an arc?  If he could throw it to himself he would have gotten a decent throw and a TD.

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The problem is Lamar is comfortable taking these 5 yard dump offs that are wide open but if he ran, that receiver could block for him and he could go for 20 instead of the 5 the receiver gets tackled at by the time he catches and turns 

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