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James Harden 2020-2021 Outlook

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This thread is crazy. It's James Harden. Trade for Zach Lavine? What in the world...

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Some uncredited sources are saying there is a hold up with Levert's physical. Some speculating that he possibly failed it. If so, finalization of the deal will have to wait until the teams sort through the fallout 

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3 minutes ago, DezedandConfused said:

19:23 MP at the half, Nash is playing him into shape.

(8 points/5 boards/7 assists/3 stls/1 block) we may see more triple-dubs for BKN version of Harden

This is without kyrie though



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someone who's a math wiz, please crunch the numbers: if the big 3 all play 32 mins each, and you want to maximize the amount of time you stagger them so in other words maximize the amount of time only 2 of 3 are on the court together, how many mins are you forced to have all 3 on the court?

I think the minutes in which only 2/3 are on court shouldn't really hurt anyone's value. Usage hit will come out of the other 3 guys sharing the court, and if anything the reduced scoring will get compensated by more dimes. So IMO it's all a question of how often all 3 have to be on the court at the same time. If it's 10-20% of the minutes that isn't too bad.

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