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Bogdan Bogdanovic 2020-2021 Outlook

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Oh yes, and the guy who told me that PICKED HIM UP!

I grabbed him after I lost Collins and he was just supposed to be a stream but now you can take him from my cold dead hands 

Dude flashed a lot in sacremento, he could always play. Seems like a must roster with all the injuries in atlanta right now. Can't believe there werent any posts after the 4/1 game and still none

2 minutes ago, fabrar said:

This guys been an absolute life saver for me after Collins went down. He needs to be their starting 3 ROS and next season 

He so much better than heurter and reddish I would imagine that is the case

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Forget Reddish and Gallo. This guy needs to be starting. He's a baller, plain and simple. The Trae/Bogdan/Hunter/Collins/Capela lineup is gonna be nasty

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goddamn, with him, trae, collins and capela, hawks really have a special team tbh...it wont be a surprise if they knock some of the bigger dawgs in the league out

ps no one’s touching the nets (only injuries can screw them up) but others need to be on high alert

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