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Robert Covington 2020-2021 Outlook

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Please never use the word RoCoanity again. Thank you.

Our Lord will beĀ travelingĀ to Portland of Oregon. Assuming the Lordā€™s convoy does not encounter any marauders or perilous weather, the Lord should arrive in a fortnight. Ā  Ā  Ā 

Our Lord in Portland, hallowed by your game. Your 3/3/3 games will come, your worship will be in punt assist squads as it is in the Hall of Stocks. Give us Rest of SeasonĀ our matchup wins, and f

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I've owned Covington since his break out year with Philly, and I definitely disagree with some that have indicated his poor start isĀ part of his usual ups and downs that he's had in the past. Covington's always been a streaky shooter that can pile up bricks from 3, but his overall shooting and defensive stats have never been this inconsistent. He's pretty much been over 2.5 stocks per game since 2015.

He's basically at the point where he's unstartable, and undroppable because of his upside. You either have a good team that can afford to stash until he's traded or he fixes things, or you canĀ sell him off for pennies on the dollar.Ā 

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put things in perspective.. we are 15% into the season.. that's basically the 7 minute mark and first time out in a game!Ā  Ā  We might be down 18-3 at the first time out but there is a whole lot of game left!Ā 

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I just can't drop him lol, not with his upside and history. It's like being in a bad relationship that used to be amazing.Ā They'll be better, I swear!

Just gonna have to ride it out I think, for better or worse. It's irrational but I can't do it.Ā 

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