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Robert Covington 2020-2021 Outlook

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7 hours ago, gymchamp said:

What the haters in this thread don't get is that no one here was ever saying you can't complain about your players performing up to ADP. What lethotjames and I and a few others in here are criticizing is people saying he's a drop. People in this thread were legit saying he was a drop 10-15 games into the season because he wasn't playing great lol That's obviously ridiculous and a surefire way to lose in fantasy.

It's not ridiculous knowing how many people on this forum play in 8-10 team leagues, him sucking earlier in the season was a legit reason to drop. While yes if you are anything deeper than a 10 he clearly wasn't a drop candidate, maybe a bench candidate.

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Please never use the word RoCoanity again. Thank you.

Our Lord will be traveling to Portland of Oregon. Assuming the Lord’s convoy does not encounter any marauders or perilous weather, the Lord should arrive in a fortnight.      

Our Lord in Portland, hallowed by your game. Your 3/3/3 games will come, your worship will be in punt assist squads as it is in the Hall of Stocks. Give us Rest of Season our matchup wins, and f

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I already said in one reply that Covington is in my team in deep 20-team league and that fact helps a lot because in that deep league even James Ennis (also in my team) is not droppable, also Jarred Vanderbilt. But every player has different statset and Covington stats actually don't satisfy me as much as his BBM rank. For him I have so-called "correction coefficient" which is that I rank him 20-40 places lower than his actual rank. He finished last season as 34th player and it means I started to consider him near pick 60. Finally I drafted him as 63rd pick but of course I am not satisfied because now I consider him as 110-120 rank despite he is 80th. I just made correction. And if this long talk is too complicated I just say: Covington rank is always better than his actual value. Also it caused drop in 12 team leagues and I don't criticize fantasy managers who did it. Right now he is not droppable anymore at 12-teamers.

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On 2/14/2021 at 8:14 PM, lethotjames23 said:

lol not taking it personal at all, its just silly. top 70 is top 70. not sure what more you can want from the guy


really the "frustration" you think i'm feeling is a general annoyance with people who don't understand the value of guys who aren't consistent scorers

It's apparent that people don't really know how RoCo should fit on a team. His production is a box of chocolate, so you need to be able to withstand some duds, and in a position where getting random boosts in 3s and stocks are helpful

Or else, he's just an easy target to blame (i.e. he's not gonna help in every category every week) and you become a negative poster on this thread.

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